Poetry Month - Letter Writing Station "Post Office"

Children who would like to practice writing letters will find a Letter-writing "Post Office" station on a table the end of the Children's Fiction area.

This month we are encouraging children to create an original poem or to choose a poem to copy to send in a letter or card to someone.  Children may leave their poems in the mailbox for Evergreen to post or they may take their poem letter with them and deliver it to someone special.

Please use one envelope and one sticker "Postage stamp" per child.

Here are some suggestions for finding poety at the library or online..
Most SJPL poetry books for chilren are in j808+ - j811+  (Juvenile nonfiction)  Look for Mother Goose rhymes with j398.3 or j398.8+ in Folk & Fairy tales.  Stories in Rhyme are primarily in with Picture Books.  TryPoetry” and “Stories in rhyme” as subject headings to search our catalog.
Get Free access to Poetry & Short Story Reference Center  at  http://sjpl.org/elearning

Story- It: Language Art Resources for children and their teachers
This portion of the website includes “classic” poems appropriate for students.  http://www.storyit.com/Classics/JustPoems/index.htm

Giggle poetry   Favorites, poems about me, family, animals, and school poems, silly rhyme, holidays, plus!                                       

Poetry Foundation   ”Provides resources for parents and teachers to cultivate in children a lifelong love of poetry.” Kenn Nesbitt, a Californian poet, recommends a book of children’s poetry monthly.
Poetry Soup’s Poems for kids.  PoetrySoup™ is an easy-to-use, searchable, comprehensive, international poetry community where  member poets submit poems.                                                

Poetry4Kids is a website by Kenn Nesbitt, poet. Includes a word games section.                                                                        

Write your own poetry, with help from these interactive sites.


Friday, April 28, 2017 at 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Evergreen Branch Library
2635 Aborn Rd. San José, CA 95121

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