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ESL Class Level 5 Advance Reading, Reading Concepts 5

Students will read special selection of classic American authors and will participate in these activates: · Find the topic/ theme · Preview and predict ·...

3/20 10am
ESL Class Level 1 Beginning Clear Speech Red Book 1

In this class students will participate in activities to improve fluency and speaking skills. This class will help non-native speakers gain: ·...

3/20 4pm
Homework Club

Need help with your homework? Volunteer tutors will be available to help K-8 students with homework assignments. Help is on first come first serve . Please...

3/20 4pm
ESL Classes Level 4- High Intermediate Listening Speaking Communication Spotlight 2

· Prepare and practice on the most current model tests. · Focus on Listening using audio cd and discussion. · Handouts provided to practice...

3/21 10am
ESL Class Level 2-High Beginning - A Conversation Book

This approach to critical thinking in both the Reading/Writing and Listening/Speaking strands challenges students to move beyond basic comprehension to...

3/21 4pm

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kent ho

kent ho left a positive review 7/21/2017

It was very informational. I got to meet the instructors (Smruthik, Jack, and Kevin), and they are helpful. I would love to have my son enroll into the program. Thank you for the privilege of your time.


Jainisha left a positive review 7/7/2017

My daughter, she is really enjoyed it. Hope we have more class.

Raul Esconde

Raul Esconde left a positive review 9/16/2016


Francisco Alia

Francisco Alia left a positive review 8/26/2016

Great organization, high game level.

Aylin Martin

Aylin Martin left a positive review 5/13/2016

Awesome more activities like this please


Angelique left a positive review 8/11/2015

Lots of good insight from A variety of community members

Taotao Ma

Taotao Ma left a positive review 5/19/2015

Resposible teacher

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