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Joan Sparks Wildlife Photography:  Brown Bears

Join wildlife photographer Joan Sparks on an adventure to see the beauty of Cook Inlet in Alaska and be prepared to view the awesome brown bears inhabiting...

10/17 5:30pm
Toddler Storytime and Stay & Play

Toddlers start building skills needed to learn and succeed in school in a fun way. Through music and movement activities and the fun of books, they discover...

10/18 10:30am
Norma Reads to Children (English or Spanish)

Norma will read stories in English and Spanish. Children can practice their reading skills by reading to Norma. For kids of all ages.

10/18 3pm
LEGO® Fuego

Bring your creativity to this monthly program. Ages 1 to 12 are welcome for this hands on building program. We encourage everyone to bring their own ideas on...

10/18 4pm
Read for the Record

Join us to take part in the world’s largest shared reading experience, Read for the Record. This year’s selection is Quackers by Liz Wong. We will read...

10/19 10:30am

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Michele China

Michele China left a review 4/27/2017

Cute. The dye was very messy. The 2.5 and 4.5 liked it. As a crafty person. A better execution would have made this a great craft. We were about 7 minutes late and we were not the only late comers. . Missed the Lorax story reading. Should been at middle or end of craft hour.

Ramona Romandia

Ramona Romandia left a positive review 4/21/2017

Came in last hour but still so many offerings to peruse. Decided on $5 bag and got several beautiful books on the Vatican for my 80+ Catholic auntie, a Danielle Steele for her (only fiction she likes), and lots of stuff for me : )

Lia Prusha

Lia Prusha left a positive review 4/13/2017

Very cute craft, and the volunteers were polite and helpful as always.


Chekameh left a positive review 2/8/2017



Chekameh left a positive review 2/1/2017


Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee left a positive review 2/2/2017

Fun time for me and my grand daughter! Only drawback- parking lot full and standing room only crowd size!


Chekameh left a positive review 11/3/2015

Such a wonderful library


Chekameh left a positive review 3/2/2016

Great program

Patricia Blevins

Patricia Blevins left a negative review 9/15/2016

The overall idea was great! The location was just right but the situation for the animals was poorly thought out and dangerous. The "screened" area was much too small for the safety and comfort of the animals. The rabbits were clearly very frightened and there wasn't enough room and water containers for all the animals who were stressed, not to mention the warmth of the day. Too many people were allowed in the area at one time putting the animals at further risk from being stepped on. One child was screaming in fright the whole time while being held by her mother. She should have voluntarily removed her daughter, but when that didn't happen after 5 or 10 minutes she should have been asked to step out of the enclosure. Her screams were no doubt disturbing to the animals and definitely to the people, adults and children trying to enjoy the experience. Please try again but be more cognizant of the needs and safety of these sweet and helpless animals. ??Perhaps another group with farm animals for children to enjoy and touch. The company who chose the enclosure and situation for their animals was the problem as they were in charge and clearly did not care about the safety and security of their animals. Not a good example to set for children who are learning how humans should treat their animals and all of nature's creatures. Thanks for reading this critique.

firouzeh davoodi

firouzeh davoodi left a negative review 8/11/2016

very boring, nothing special.